Introduction to MEMS

"MEMS" stands for "MicroElectroMechanical Systems", or small electrical / mechanical devices. Example MEMS devices include inkjet-printer cartridges, accelerometers that deploy car airbags, and miniature robots. MEMS is a growth industry - by one account it has an estimated $10 Billion market today, and a $34 Billion market in 2002 (Micromachine Devices, "European Study Sees MEMS Market at More Than $34 Billion by '02," May, 1997, page 1).

The following Web sites contain MEMS-related tutorial information, and serve as an introduction to MEMS. Please click on comments below to tell us about another site we should post here.

Vision for MEMS from Sandia National Laboratories. A high-level introduction to the concept and potential future of MEMS.
What is MEMS? from the University of Wisconsin UW-MEMS group.
What is MEMS? from the Electronic Visions Company.
Vision statement for the DARPA MEMS Program
Discussion of MEMS from a NASA program directed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).
MEMS Overview from MCNC.
Some MEMS definitions and description (scroll to about the middle of the page) from the University of Wisconsin UW-MEMS group .
MEMS / Smart Matter Research at Xerox PARC.
Introductory to Microengineering by Danny Banks.
Introductory to Microengineering - Supplement extracted from Microengineering Technology - A Rough Guide, presented by Danny Banks.
Introductory links for Microengineering and MEMS from Danny Banks.
MEMS Virtual Learning Cybercenter and the MEMS E(du) pages.