Publications on Wiresaw

If you want to learn the state-of-the-art research in wiresaw manufacturing processes and modeling, check out the bibliography of publication of our research group in the following. Click the icon to email if you need further information.
  1. Bibliography of Publication (PDF)
  2. A bibliography of research publication of our wireswa research group at SUNY Stony Brook. (as of October 2001)
  3. NSF Report 97 (PDF)
  4. NSF Report 98 (1) (PDF)
  5. NSF Report 98 (2) (PDF)
  6. NSF Reprot 99 (PDF)
  7. Measurement of Wafer Surface Using Shadow Moire Technique with Talbot Effect, Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol. 120, No.2, June, 1998, 166-170
  8. Analysis of Stiffness Control and Vibration of Wire in Wiresaw Manufacturing Process, IMECE'98, Nov.15-20, 1998, Los Angeles
  9. Vibration Analysis of Wire in Free Abrasive Machining of the Modern Wiresaw Manufacturing Process, submitted to Journal of Sound and Vibration